What are the most durable types of flooring available on the market?

Flooring can be the most essential aspect of your home, as this would be used on a daily basis and a lot of people and objects of different weights would be on it. So, no matter how plush and lustrous your surface floor appears, it isn’t very durable, and it also isn’t worth it.

Replacement of a whole floor is a larger and costlier job that needs to be done with care. For this purpose, there are a whole lot of floor options available in the market ranging from ceramic, laminate, vinyl, etc., and all of these cost a small amount. Here we list some of the most durable floor options that are worthy of long-term investments.


The Bamboo grass can’t easily be removed from the yard, and this surprisingly appears attractive when it gets turned into floors. If you’ve ever tried hacking bamboo out of the yard, you know how tough the grass would be. The secret to bamboo sky-high floor would be its high Janka durability ratings that lie in three different factors: added materials, stalk placement, and bamboo quality.

  • Construction/stalks: Strand bamboo floor has been used by a lot of homeowners: bamboo stalk strands get pulled and are tightly integrated with adhesives.,
  • Adhesives: These make the floor even harder as the flooring is stuck by human-made adhesives. A lot of adhesives would mean a tougher bamboo floor.
  • Types of Bamboo: later harvested bamboo is a durable floor option compared to younger bamboo rushed for harvesting.

2. Cork Flooring

Just like Bamboo, the cork is an ideal floor option due to its green credentials, but it also increases as it is quiet and warm underfoot, due to its softer nature when compared to hardwood. Cork’s soft and flexible nature is due to its weakness and strength where you’re concerned about durability. With its springy quality, it can rebound from high traffic and minor drinks. However make sure that you avoid high heels, sharp objects, and dragging large tables, etc. on these cork floors. You can avoid furniture dents by using felt pads and protective coasters and ensure care and protection for the long term.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood is among the hardest and most durable options for floors with high quality, and having a well-maintained hardwood outlasts everything. Nevertheless, you get plenty of things for consideration if you’re looking for the most durable hardwood.  For durability, a Brazilian redwood hardwood is a better choice compared to softer wood such as pine, it dents, and dings quite easily. These can be re-finished and re-sanded after a few years of use for a new and lovely appearance.

4. Natural Stone

Stones have been there for centuries in the mountains despite all changes in weather and pressure, so they can stay in place in your house and commercial floors as well. Considering durability, travertine and various other natural stone floors are close competitors with concrete to get maximum durability. Although other stone floor options such as marble wear out quite faster. These are some of the hardest floor choices for any structure of different sizes. Also, there are a lot of alternatives for the same as well.

5. Vinyl Flooring

These are also marketed through the term resilient floor. The vinyl floor can be considered similar to Tupperware for a house or commercial floor. The material is known for its high moisture resistance and laboratory-engineered for long-lasting properties. If homeowners are looking for the highest resilience, sheet vinyl should be the choice of floor for them. In smaller rooms, you skate only with one seam or on without any seam for smaller rooms as these can deteriorate your floors quickly. The floor options listed above will not only offer durability and longevity but also sum up as classy floor options with a fresh and contemporary appearance.

6. Carpet

Not only is carpet an affordable and attractive choice it can be surprisingly durable if it’s done correctly. Nylon, Olefin (polypropylene), and wool are more resilient and will last longer than other types of carpet material. Good padding underneath will prolong the life of your carpeting. It’s also important to keep carpets clean. Dirt and dust will grind into the fibers, giving them a worn appearance. A professional carpet cleaner is your best bet to keep the life of carpets as long as possible.

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What are the most durable types of flooring available on the market?
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