How Cleaning Fine Oriental Rugs Is Different From Carpet Cleaning

oriental rug going through a cleaning machine

Both oriental rugs and carpets have to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, cleaning a fine oriental rug is different from cleaning your carpet. There are several things that you need to consider when you are cleaning an oriental rug.

Color Bleeding

The vast majority of carpets are a single color. However, oriental rugs are often made up of several colors. That is why if an oriental rug is not cleaned properly, then you can ruin it. You can protect your oriental rug by using the right products and equipment for it.

Oriental Rugs Should Not Be Steamed Clean

Steam cleaning is a common method that is used to clean carpet. However, you cannot use this method to clean your area rug. Oriental rugs are not built to handle high heat. The reason that oriental rugs are not built for steam cleaning is that they are typically made out of silk, cotton, or wool. Unlike carpet, the rugs are not heat-resistant.

May Be Harder to Clean

It may be harder to clean an oriental rug than it is to clean a carpet. Dirt and soil are more likely to get impacted in the oriental rug. You may not be able to remove this dirt and soil with the vacuum cleaner. The best way to remove dirt from an oriental rug is to take it outside and beat it. You can also take it to a professional rug cleaning service. 

More Attention to Detail Is Needed

Oriental rugs require more attention to detail while cleaning. You also have to be more careful when you are trying to remove stains. You should avoid using harsh chemicals to remove the spots.

Tips for Caring for Your Oriental Rug

In addition to hiring a professional to clean your oriental rug, there are things that you can do in order to maintain it. Even though vacuuming will not remove impacted dirt and soil, you still need to vacuum the rug on a regular basis. If there is a spill, then you will need to clean it up as soon as you can. This will prevent stains from settling and

Eliminate the need for more extensive cleaning.

Your rug also needs to be rotated on a regular basis. Rotating your rug can reduce the wear and tear on it. This is especially important for you to do if your oriental rug is around furniture.

How Cleaning Fine Oriental Rugs Is Different From Carpet Cleaning
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